Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast

Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast brings you original and unique content from the music makers, movers and shakers of our beautiful province. Hear stories, performances and interviews you can't find anywhere else. The monthly podcast is produced in partnership with Village Sound.
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Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast brings you original and unique content from the music makers, movers and shakers of our beautiful province. Hear stories, performances and interviews you can't find anywhere else.

The monthly podcast is produced in partnership with with FACTOR, the Government of Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia and Village Sound.



Oct 3, 2017

Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast is brought to you in part by Factor, The Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia. Host Dana Beeler talks to Gabrielle Papillon about her newly released album Keep The Fire. also on this episode we feature songs from NSMW Nominees Walrus, Cameron, Ian Janes Jody Upshaw and Jade Bennett

If you’re Nova Scotian and make music, send us your music! Just follow the SUBMIT MUSIC link in the podcast description OR send us an email,

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Shows -

Oct 1  Han Hosts w/ Sleepshaker, No, It's Fine & Shuteye (stripped down sets) - Gus' Pub

Oct 1 New Hermitage w/ Taylor Ackerman - Lucky Penny Coffee Co.

Oct 1 Christine Campbel Good Time Charly - Windsor ON

Oct 2 The Big Sing - Seahorse

Oct 2 Big Turnips Vol 1 Fundraiser at Bearlys w/ Mama's Broke, Mike Kerr & The Franklin Brewery Boys, Odd Socks, David Bradshaw

Oct 5 Christine Campbell Phog Lounge - Windsor ON

Oct 5  Paul St-Amand Quintet - Westin Nova Scotian (Door of Hope Fundraiser)

Oct 5 No, It's Fine with Ornament & Crime, The Green Reflectors and The Summer Rabbit - Menz & Mollyz

Oct 5 Lisa Richard w/ Hal Bruce - The Carleton

Oct 5 Special Costello / Valerie / OCOV / Juice Girls | Oct 5th - Seahorse
Oct 5 Maureen Batt, soprano Charlotte Street Arts Centre - Fredericton NB

Oct 6 Gabrielle Papillon - Gobblefest

Oct 6 The Blue Lane & Talea - Timber Lounge

Oct 6 Christine Campbell The Barn on the Farm - Cottam ON

Oct 7 Christine Campbell The Bourbon - Windsor ON

Oct 7 Christina Martin - Wentworth Learning Centre,

Oct 11 BROTHERS - Gus' Pub & Grill

Oct 12 Gabrielle Papillon - Trailside Cafe, PEI

Oct 12 Maureen Batt, soprano - Halifax Central Library *Free Show

Oct 12 Municipality / Fossil Cliffs / BARK / The Good Woods

Oct 13  Gypsophilia: The Final Show - Marquee

Oct 13 Christine Campbell Paddy Flaherty's Irish Pub - Sarnia

Oct 13 Jessie Brown - La Vitrolla, Montreal

Oct 13 Fossil cliffs - radstorm

Oct 13 Christina Martin - Salty Rose's and the Periwinkle Café

Oct 14 Jessie Brown (dbl release with Alert The Medic) - Bovine Sex Club

Oct 14 North Meets East: Iva at The Seahorse

Oct 15 Story To Tell with Generation Idiot, Dirtbox, The Loose Ends, Badd Math - Plan B

Oct 15 Gabrielle Papillon - Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield QC

Oct 16 Gabrielle Papillon - Burdock, Toronto ON

Oct 16 The Big Sing - The Seahorse

Oct 18 Gabrielle Papillon - Divan Orange, Montreal QC

Oct 18 - 21 Halifax Pop Explosion - Halifax Ft. NS artists Aquakulture, Crossed Wires, Dance Movie, Designosaur, Devarrow, Electric Spoonful, Elijah Will, Gianna Lauren, Jay Mayne, Kirsten Olivia, Kurt Inder, Loveland, MAJE, Not You, Owen Meany's Batting Stance, PINEO & LOEB, Plays W/ Music, Quake Matthews, Reeny Smith, Ria Mae, Strongboy, Thrillah, Valerie, Vogue Dots

Oct 21 Bill & Joel Plaskett - Re-Jigged Festival Gala Concert - Christ Church Hall, dundas st in Dartmouth

Oct 22 Erin Costelo - The Aeolian, London ON

Oct 26 Coco Love Alcorn - The Carleton

Oct 26 Thomas Stajcer w/ The Basin Brothers and Young Men - The Timber Lounge Halifaxe

Oct 27 Ritual / My Other Brother Alice LIVE at The Seahorse

Oct 27 - 29 The Barrowdowns - HMC Inventions

Oct 27 Scientists of Sound - Pepper's Pub

Oct 28 Scientists of Sound - The Marquee Club

Oct 28 Son Latino - Chameleon Cafe & Supper Club, Halifax

Oct 28 Gabrielle Papillon CD Release Show - The Bus Stop Theatre

Oct 28 Jessie Brown CD release show - Gus' Pub

Oct 28 Erin Costelo - The National Arts Centre, Ottawa ON

Oct 29 Erin Costelo - Casa del Popolo, Montreal QC

Oct 29 Christina Martin Band - The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

Oct 30 The Big Sing - The Seahorse

Sep 7, 2017

Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast is brought to you in part by Factor, The government of Canada and the province of Nova Scotia. On today’s episode host Dana Beeler talks to the band Floodland about their brand new album Static Walls and what it takes to be in a band for over 10 years. They also perform a few songs LIVE in the basement at Village Sound. This episode also features songs from Guy Paul Thibault, Denique, John Gracie, and an interview and exclusive first look at Mo Kenney’s new album "The Details" due out September 29th. 

If you’re nova scotia and make music, send me your music! Just follow the SUBMIT MUSIC link in the podcast description. OR send me an email, I want to hear what you’re doing!

Thanks again for listening to back home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast, Remember to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @BackHomeMNS. 


Sept 7 - Outlyrs - Black Moor - Plural - Gus' Pub (Halifax, NS)
Sept 8 - : Electric Spoonful / Stonehouse / SOTW / James Bradley Band - Oasis (Halifax, NS)
Sept. 9th - Corey Isenor MusicWillie Stratton, The Brood, Know Issue, Caribou Run, Liam Frier, and More! 5th Knotty by Nature Music Festival, Ovens Park, Riverport, NS
Sept 9 - Dub Kartel, Take Part & Moonwake The Seahorse Tavern
Sept 9, Scott Prudence and the Other Virtues, The Union Street, Berwick NS
Sept. 10th - Han Hosts at Gus's 
Sept 14th - hollerado w/ Hello Delaware & Rain Over St. Ambrose
Sept 14 - Sleepless Nights - The Capital (Fredericton, NB)
Sept 14, Thomas Stajcer, Brutopia (Montreal)
Sept. 15th - Corey Isenor, norma macdonald - The Barn, Mahone Bay
Sept 15 - Floodland, The Commune New glasgow
Sept 15, Thomas Stajcer, LIVE on Elgin (Ottawa)
Sept 15 - Home Bass (Local DJs) The Seahorse 
Sept 15 - Kilmore, CoPilot Music, and Dayliner - The Timber Lounge
Sept 15 - Son Latino - Chameleon Cafe & Supper Club
Sept 15 - Sleepless Nights - The Red Knight (Yarmouth, NS)
Sept 16 - Sleepless Nights - The Seahorse Tavern (Halifax, NS)
Sept 16 - Floodland, Governor's Pub & Eatery, Sydney NS
Sept 16th, The Barrowdowns, Harvest Jazz and Blues Fest @ the Capital Complex 
September 18th - Keonté BealsPrismatic Arts Festival Paul O'Regan Hall (Spring Garden Pub Library)
Sept 20 - Deves & friends - Gus' Pub (Halifax, NS)
Sept 22, Hillsburn, The Union Street
Sept 22 - Alert The Medic @ The Seahorse 
Sept 22 - White Hills Run at Montes Showbar Grill
Sept 22 - St. John, Peppers Pub Floodland w/ Hello Delaware
Sept 23 - Fredericton, Grimross Brewery Floodland w/ Hello Delaware
Sept 23rd, The Barrowdowns w/ Helen & Lucy, The Seahorse
Sept 23 Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers with Hatchet Lake:CODAPOP LIVE!
Sept 29th, Shadow + Brett Waye + Superfluid, Timber Lounge Halifaxe 
Sept 29, Jon Hines, The Union Street
Sept 30 - Unidentified Funk Object Shag Harbour UFO Festival
Sept. 30, Lazeez, Menz n Mollyz (rainbow room)

Aug 3, 2017
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! On this episode we celebrate 1 full year of our host Dana Beeler joining the podcast by remembering our top 4 most listened to episodes!
Jul 6, 2017
Host Dana Beeler chats with Quake Matthews about their upcoming album (OUT JULY 7th) Celebrate The Struggle. We also feature a track from brand new jazz group Blue Spirits and new music from halifax super group Not You!
Jun 8, 2017
On this episode of Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast host Dana Beeler  talks to THE BARROWDOWNS about their album release and the coming festival season.
Apr 27, 2017
This episode we talk to The Town Heroes' Mike Ryan about preparing for conference season and welcome MAJE into the Village Sound Studio Basement! Also featuring songs from Stewart Legere, Gianna Laurenn, and Port Cities.
Mar 23, 2017
On this episode Dana talks to Charlie A’Court about his new scholarship opportunity and welcomes Post Script into the Village Sound Studio Basement!
Feb 23, 2017
Host Dana Beeler talks with Kin Crew about their emerging careers in the EDM and electronic world, and welcome Loveland into the Village Sound Studio Basement!
Jan 26, 2017
Episode 14 is all about the songwriter! Back Home features songs from Reeny Smith, Shevy Price & Dean Brody, Ronok Sarkar & more
Dec 22, 2016
Happy Holidays from Back Home!
Nov 24, 2016
Live performance and interview with Like A Motorcycle as well Dana recaps #NSMW2016 with John Mullane of In-Flight Safety and rapper Mitchell Bailey.
Oct 20, 2016
Our Host Dana talks to Beauts about touring, Leanne Hoffman & Samm Splash about life as a backup singer
Sep 22, 2016
The Back Home podcast brings you original and unique content from Nova Scotia’s most influential emerging and established artists.
Aug 25, 2016
On this episode of Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast, Dana talks to Heaven For Real about their latest release, Kill Your Memory. We feature a special in studio performance and interview with Dark For Dark and new music from Nova Scotia artists The S
Jul 20, 2016
Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast our host Dana Beeler invites Shaun Ryan (The Extremities) to co-host on a special feature of Nova Scotia Hip-hop, R&B and Funk artists.
Jun 23, 2016
This weeks Episode of Back Home we will feature some new music from Willie Stratton, Jessie Brown and Port Cities. Live performances by Erin Costelo. Interview with Cassie and Maggie MacDonald.
Feb 18, 2016
It’s a New Year, so for Episode 6 we will feature some new music with brand new tracks from Wintersleep, Nap Eyes, Arsoniste, Universal Soul (featuring Slowcoaster) and Cape Breton band Black and Grey.
Dec 17, 2015
Welcome to Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast. We are back after a brief hiatus with your new host Scott Long.
Jun 25, 2015
Old Man Luedecke, Samm Splash, Shevy Price, plus music from Paper Beat Scissors (new one!), Jen Miller, and Jenn Grant.
May 13, 2015
King of Halifax hip-hop J-Bru, new band Mauno, Gabriel Minnikin interviews Rose Cousins, Women in the Music Business and new music too!
Apr 1, 2015
Adam Baldwin on Jay Smith, Christina Martin in Germany, Gabrielle Papillon, Blurred Legal Lines, and more!
Feb 25, 2015
In-Flight Safety, Ben Caplan, CMW, ECMA and more!